My first blog post

Welcome to For the Memories.  Well basically, all the other girls that design for Annas craft cupboard  have a blog, so I bit the bullet and here goes…

2 days

As you can see, in January this year we had a new addition to the family so I now have 3 beautiful girls (which is perfect for me – I love having all girls).  Three great reasons to scrapbook.

Much to my suprise, I’ve already had several visitors to this blog, even though its only been going a couple of days – thanks for dropping by!!!   But as you can see, its very much a work-in-progress just getting it up and running.  My aim is to fill my blog not only with a diary of  layouts but also to give ideas – lots of them.  It bugs me when I can’t think of anything to do with a bit of paper or embellishment and I can’t find anything by searching google either. 

Anyway,  this should be fun (if  the littlest missy in this house lets me sit at the computer, that is??????)

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