Its Masters time….

Well, its nearly time for the 2009 Scrapbooking Masters to close.  Have you got your entries in???

I just can’t decide whether to enter or not.  On one hand, I don’t really expect to win… so why enter?  I know, I know, you’ve gotta be in it to win it. Secondly, if I did happen to win a spot, I really don’t have time to be scrapping more than I do now (I’m supposed to be Homeschooling my kids…shhh). And even if I try to scrap at other times, my precious littlest girl, now 6 months old, is quite clingy and its very difficult scrapping with your arms full (lol). I’ve never entered before because of time issues.

Anyway, while I decide, I’ll give you a tiny sneak peak at what I’ve done and if I don’t enter, I’ll post my creations up next week.

Entry 1: Greatest achievement

achievement sneak peak

Entry 2: Mystery page

hammock sneak peak

Entry 3: interesting shape page (not 12×12)

castle sneak peak

Entry 4:

Still being worked on….

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