Mojo & Masters

Ok, so I’m slowly getting my mojo back (sometimes I try too hard I think cos these next pages just came together more easily). 

B is for baby

I thought this would make a nice baby boy page using October Afternoon Ducks in a Row papers.


she loves being outside.double

 I added a page to this one to make it a double using some old BG Lilykate Queen Anne paper.


bird watcher 1

Our little bird watcher.


There was a little girl...

This one’s a crack up – it was the only picture I could get because she took off hiding when she realised that I was trying to get a picture, but I just had to do a page to show her when she’s older (ha ha ha).

Oh…. and here’s my sneak peak of the double page layout for the SM Masters competition……yes, I did enter afterall.  My package left yesterday (express post, of course) but I doubt I’ll win a spot, but at least I made the effort.  There’s so much talent out there now.

family sneak peak

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  1. thatoldsweetsong

    thanks for the welcome on my blog nerrida 🙂 i LOVE your little sneaky – hopefully we’ll be seeing the whole thing in print come january! georgia.

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